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Early Struggling days, being in the U.S…

I am Moses Lagoon, recently resettled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Before two months, I was a resident of Bhutanese Refugees Camp, Beldangi II Extension, B/2, 52/53. In camp, I was doing well. I had passed the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) with first division and hardly was managing to go up to my science stream college classes. Besides, I was serving news reporting and as well as associating editing in the newspaper and media in our refugee camp based schools. And however, we were managing hardly for the accessibility to internet facilities for the circulation and printing of the newspaper and media.

As the saga of every Bhutanese, We too had to leave our place, where my family called it our shelter for two decades. It was the place, where I passed being a refugee, where I made my childhood and schooling with my beloved friends. Departing from Beldangi on 22nd November and 25th from International Organization for Migration (IOM) Transit in Kathmandu, I arrived here in Pittsburgh on November 26th of 2013.  It was about 20 hours that we spent in flight while we still landed in New York. Having such a long flight, being restless and travel sick, we could hardly remember and believe we landed in New York; it was like total unconsciousness. It was about 7-8 hours, we waited for our connecting flight to Pittsburgh. It was really hard for us to wait in the waiting room in Airport, the new place seemed almost confusing to us. Finally on 26th of November on that night, we got to arrive on our destination, where we had our relatives to

receive and host for first few days before we could have our own home to live. We stayed nearly for a month in our relatives place. Being in United States, the land of opportunities, I was excited; at the same time, moving on with the time on first few days; I also knew it as the land of new challenges. I got to see I had too many challenges to go through ahead, to get adapted and settled to the new place with the new environmental aspects.

The first few days ran bit uneasy for me. Firstly, it took time for me to gain complete consciousness, rest and retrieve strength and freshness back that was seized due to long travelling. Being totally new in the new place, I knew one had to be totally a known- nothing unless being around and had somebody to guide and show for first few days. Even for simple things like getting on bus, moving to offices, making a phone call, etc. These all seems often discouraging too. And another thing is, it also took time for me to understand the accent of the place. And most of all, you may be feeling like being bit of inferior to those who have already been to the place few years or more earlier with familiarity to the place or with the availability and accessibility to means and resources, that may discourage, so, been hoping that everything will go good in time.

After all, finding a good place to live also seemed challenging, we got one only after looking for it, almost for the whole month. It too often discouraged us. And after we got to shift to our new place, it seemed weird, to have nothing stuffs inside placed in our new home like furniture and entertaining gadgets and internet accessibility except of some provided by the agency; that too was discouraging. But however, I am managing and trying my level best to challenge and go through every of the circumstances and struggle being in the new country. And I have my own steady and firm determinations to reach into my goal and destiny regardless to every of the situation I should go through in the days to come.

Thank you, Connecting Cleveland, the whole team for providing me this opportunity to share my views regarding the new place. Moreover, I am really excited to know you have been establishing a newspaper media, creating a platform to Bhutanese community to foster inborn talents and skill and I am very glad to be a part of it, getting to write. I am obliged to have this opportunity created by every one of you being in United States.



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