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Info: General Education in Diploma

The General Education in Diploma (GED) Test is another way of getting an American level academic skills diploma. A student who is over 17 years old can take the GED exam. The GED exam is divided into five subjects. When one passes this test, it will certify that the test taker has American level academic skills. Generally, the test of GED measures proficiency in science, mathematics, social studies, reading and writing.

It’s a great opportunity for those students who didn’t complete high school. Taking GED classes is the chance to earn the high school equivalency certificate in the United States. According to the Ohio’s new state budget, the GED examination cost in the State of Ohio typically varies from $ 40 to $ 90.

Each test score is marked between 200 and 800; the state require students to obtain a score of 410 on each of the five topics and an average of 450 for the general test. According to the Ohio Department of Education, the GED test practice is given on computer and it takes about five hours to complete. For that, students must bring state ID, driver license or passport when coming to test.

Passing the GED computer based test is mostly same as a regular high school diploma. It can be used as a diploma certificate to apply for jobs and promotions, to pursue a college degree, or to reach your personal goal. One may only test three times with the computer based test in a calendar year. There will be a 3 month waiting period before the re-test after completing it three times on the computer.

#Compiled by Reeta Acharya, published in Issue#2, February, Page#3


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