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How Teens Can Get a Driver License in Ohio

Teens are generally influenced by adults. As they grow up, they see adults driving and most teenagers are genuinely get excited to drive. Well, there are some legal steps to be completed to formally get the permission to drive. As, we need to have the driving permit first to learn driving, then the driver’s license. Some teens might worry, thinking that they won’t get a driver license prior to being 18. But, there are some ways to become a driver. It’s not that easy, though. There are more requirements for teens to obtain a driver’s license.

After obtaining a temporary driving permit, teens are allowed to drive with a licensed adult to practice driving skills. Well, keep in mind that, to get such temporary driving permit and gain driving experience, a teen must be at least 15 years and 6 months old at the time of applying for the permit.

It is necessary to keep the permit for 6 months before being allowed to skills (driving) test and obtain the regular license. In this period of time, teens should complete requirements, which are 24 hours of classroom education, 8 hours of driving time with a certified instructor, and 50 hours of general driving time with a licensed adult, with at least 10 hours of nighttime driving.

So, when a teen completes six months holding the temporary permit, and practiced the required number of hours, they are ready to take the next step―the driving test. Prior to taking the driving test, an appointment should be made by calling the nearest driver license examination stations or make an appointment online. When going for the test, it’s required to take valid temporary permit, photo permit ID, and the rest of the forms still in the packet. If a teen is under 18, then it’s required to take the certificate of completion for a driver’s education course, and a confirmation stating the completion of the 50-hour practice requirement.

It’s simple to get a license being a teen (under 18) but it’s not that easy. Teens may have to pay some money to get 24 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of driving with a certified instructor. So, in these ways, teens who follow these simple requirements don’t have to wait till adulthood, instead they can obtain license being a teen.

#Compiled by Mahendra Adhikari, Published in Issue#2, February 2014, page#3


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