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College Experience: Graduating, Applying for College, and FAFSA

Kishor Gajmer

Kishor Gajmer

Usually students start worrying about the careers he/she want to take in future. Being a student in this modern era, everything should be done being educated. Similarly, a student starts planning what to do after high school in college. There are a lot of majors which can be studied to be successful in any career if we care to work hard. A good student should have collected the findings on the required steps to attend college after graduating from high school. Without wasting our valuable time, we should be choose the best major which we really like.

Likewise, to fulfill my dreams and keep my family happy, I have some career dreams to be accomplished. So, I started looking around the colleges that I need to attend. There are many ways to get in the college. When I enter college, I took the placement test. That test was very important for me because this test was a way for the college to know how much knowledge I have. We should try our best to get the best score. If we get good scores in this test we will easily have a good opportunity to take classes that we like most. Otherwise, we should start taking classes from basic levels. There are three steps of English, which are English Level 1, English Level 2, and English Level 3. After completing this course we have to take English 1010 and others English courses. The most important thing to keep in our mind is we should be well prepared before giving placement test.

As every student has their own dream after graduating from high school, to make their dreams comes true with higher education. Besides preparing and doing the things for pursuing higher studies in the college, there is a huge question mark regarding financial management. Students won’t succeed without managing financial aspects. In my experience, the biggest problem was financial and the easiest way I solved my problem was by submitting my FAFSA application. FAFSA stands for ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’. It is the easiest way to get money as aid to afford college costs. It is required to submit the application before the state deadline. So, we should search around to find more facts and ways to manage FAFSA and college classes. I searched FAFSA in internet sites, asked teachers, counselors and other previously graduated relatives. You can also ask your teachers and search steps in internet sites including the official site of FAFSA –

#Compiled by Hari Kumar Dahal on the details given by Kishor Gajmer. Published in Issue#2, February 2014, Page#2


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