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Community Views — Education and our Youths

Nar Bir Chouhan

Nar Bir Chouhan

Following the third country resettlement, the former Camp Secretary of Khudunabari refugee camp, Nar Bir Chauhan, 59, resettled in Providence city of  Rhode Island around 3 and half years ago. Again following the migration, he migrated to Cleveland, Ohio on August 2013. Following the community views section, Hari Kumar Dahal and team have talked with Mr. Chouhan about the educational importance to our community. Here is the excerpt prepared by Dahal on Chouhan’s views:

Well, there are some energetic and hardworking youths in our community. But talking about whole, with the reason unknown, most youths in our community are unaware about the prospects of being educated. Youths are the ones, who are going to ramp up things for their parents and self’s future, yet youths are unsure about the facts about education. Asking a youth of our community, who doesn’t go school and is a general entry level worker in a company said that, “Even educated people are working like me in the same factory with same level. So, when an educated person is paid the same as I am being uneducated paid. So, why do I want to be educated?” Such narrow concept of our youths is degrading the literacy rate of our community. Our youths are forgetting that being educated, we can pursue better jobs and careers. Yes, the education system here in the United States is totally different than that of Nepal. Speaking accent is different. Youths should have known that better education means better job opportunities. Studied in the US has better career and earnings. Being schooled in the United States following the education of US history and government leads us to work for governmental purposes also. After being educated citizens, we can also contribute our skills to the United State and keep fame of self, family and belonging to our community.

#Published in Issue#2, Page#3, in “Community Views” section – Interview! February, 2014


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