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Connecting Cleveland Issue#3 Published

Connecting Cleveland MarchConnecting Cleveland team successfully published the Issue#03, March 2014 with more than 200 copies.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Lincoln-West High School supported the team to print out March issue. Thanks to them!

Likewise, the contents were all generated from mostly the Greater Cleveland Area and other parts of the United States. The printed copies were kept at different places like Nepali Groceries, schools, Refugee Resettlement agencies, and other public places. Also, more than three dozens papers were sent out of the city through postal mails.

Soon, the digital copy – PDF will be published online too.

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• Eligibilities and Facts about FAFSA
• Theoretical V. Practical Education
• Community Awareness Gathering by ASIA Inc
• Sports in Our Community: Cleveland United
• PSEOP for High Scholars
• My Story So Far (Article)
• Affordable Care Act, info
• Preparing for Citizenship
• Let’s encouraged not to give up
• High School students on visited Dominican Republican
• CityMusic Performances
•  My life-words, I want to share..
•  फाफ्सा…
•  ओबामा क्यर
•  याथर्थवोध रचना
•  Gazals/गजलहरु


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