Who are we?

Connecting Cleveland,  is a volunteer group formed by high school-going youths with an intention to establish well-connected and youth friendly environment in Cleveland for all Nepali-Speaking Bhutanese.

We are strongly committed in promoting educational and youth contents. Our main objectives are to connect all youths in community works enlightening the importance of education, help our Bhutanese women to learn English, keep our community updated about surrounding, promote Right to Information, help accommodate new-resettle Bhutanese, and connect our community with world as possible.

We will be compiling and publishing articles, stories, news and education contents in both English and Nepali languages accordingly.

Our works have been featured in local newspapers and some organisations’ newsletters. You can click the links below to know more about us:

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    Newspaper, Connecting Cleveland, helps Nepali-speaking Bhutanese community to connect in Greater Cleveland and around the world
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